The Mikki story started with the development of a new kind of muzzle. The innovative Mikki Muzzle was an instant hit with trainers as it enabled them to feed treats to dogs whilst they were muzzled. The Miiki Muzzle is still going strong and we are pleased to feature this practical alternative to a basket muzzle in our range here at Time for Paws.

The Mikki Muzzle has now been joined by an impressive collection of grooming products for cats and dogs. It should come as no surprise that these are incredibly popular with professionals as they have all been designed by groomers. These are tools which really work and mean that professional quality grooming products available to all. If you want to groom your pet, then the Mikki range features everything you need to achieve fabulous results. This award winning collection of grooming tools has gone from strength to strength and the team at Mikki continue their efforts to create the next big thing.

You will discover the scissors, combs, brushes and shedding blades that will help you to efficiently groom your pet. Whether you have a small dog, a Great Dane or a Persian Cat, Miki grooming tools will ensure that you can work effectively on their coat and that your pet is happy and comfortable whilst you groom them. The Mikki range also features useful pet accessories including treat bags, anti-pull harnesses and secure crates for transporting animals.

If you haven’t tried Mikki grooming tools then do take a look at the extensive collection which we offer at Time for Paws. This affordable range could help to make your life much easier