IAMs is a well established dog food brand that’s been around since the 1940’s. They create yummy cat and dog food that’s nutritious, tasty, and helps pets live life to the full. IAMS is made with the aim of nourishing your pooch by promoting seven signs of health vitality.

Their food contains additional ingredients that can help to keep your pet feeling at their best. For example, quality protein to help with muscle growth and repair, prebiotics to aid digestion, antioxidants to help with immune health, essential minerals to help maintain bone health, and omega fatty acids which promote healthy skin and coat.

IAMS cat & dog food

Initially when the company was founded Paul Iams spent time with experts including breeders and pet nutritionists. He wanted to find out the true importance of protein in a dog’s diet, and was one of the first people to realise that dogs and cats are predominantly carnivores, and need to eat a primarily meat based diet. This resulted in the pet food industry being revolutionised, and shaped the IAMS philosophy.

IAMS is one of the most popular pet food brands in the UK. They create dog food that’s made with the highest quality ingredients and is tailored to meet your dog’s nutritional needs.

IAMS dog food flavours & varieties

IAMS offer a huge range of cat and dog food. Hey have different types of dog food to meet specific nutritional needs. Get specialist food for dogs of different weights, ages and even activity levels. IAMS also offers food for mature dogs, small dog breeds and puppy food.

Buy IAMS dog food and you can feel confident that your dog is getting all the key nutrients they need. Iams produces two types of adult dog food, one for small and medium dogs, and another for large dogs.

IAMS also specialises in cat food and offers a selection of food for cats including kitten food, adult cat food and weight control cat food. Browse through our selection of IAMS cat food now.

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