Your dog’s oral care is crucial to their all-round health. Good dental care will help your dog to live a longer and happier life. But you don’t have to get the toothbrush out! GREENIES® Dental Dog treats make oral care fun and do the hard work for you.

GREENIES® treats help to fight plaque and tartar build-up whilst freshening breath and promoting healthier gums. But they are nutritionally balanced and low in fat so you can treat your pooch and look after their teeth without providing too many calories. Just one treat per day will enable your dog to use their natural chewing action to clear away plaque and tartar.

The ingredients of these carefully conceived treats are soluble and easy to digest but the treats are also extremely tasty so you won’t have any trouble in persuading your pooch to tuck in!

At Time for Paws we offer these outstanding dog treats in different sizes so there is something to suit all dogs. The treats vary in texture and hardness to suit each size of dog so every pooch can chew their treats with ease.

The Veterinary Oral Health Council have given GREENIES® Dental Chews their Seal of Acceptance for plaque and tartar control. Your dog’s diet must be carefully managed to ensure that it delivers the balanced nutrition that they need to stay fit and healthy. Dog foods will not address your dog’s dental health but just one GREENIES® Dental Dog treat a day could make all the difference.