Frontline Spot On is a simple and effective way to kill over 98% of adult fleas within 24 hours of administration, and kills lice within 48 hours. It also controls biting lice. By killing off these parasites, their life cycle is broken and any future development of fleas, or lice, on or around your pet, is stopped. Effective for two months against fleas and one against ticks, it is therefore recommended that Frontline be reapplied after four weeks.

How to apply Frontline spot on

Applied directly onto the skin at the back of the neck, Frontline contains Fipronil, which harmlessly disperses throughout your pup’s body oils within 24 hours. Safe to use on breeding, pregnant or lactating females too, Frontline acts directly on the flea rather than on your pup and his bloodstream – the fleas no longer bite, so irritation is discontinued. Without prescription, Frontline is the longest-lasting flea treatment available, as it coats your dog’s skin for several weeks following application. To use, simply snap off the pipette and apply around your pup’s shoulder blades (somewhere your dog shouldn’t be able to lick off) to the skin, by parting the fur and emptying the pipette’s contents in either one or two spots. Buy online now with Time for Paws.