Feliway produce a fine range of diffusers, sprays and capsules which help to calm and relax stressed cats in the home. Cats can easily become stressed even in a home in which they have previously felt happy. They dislike change and something as simple as the arrival of a new sofa can cause them anxiety. New furniture, unusual noises, moving home or a teenager flying the nest are all changes that could unsettle your feline. They may then become withdrawn and exhibit behaviours such as excessive grooming, excessive scratching and increased vocalisation. Stressed cats may also appear to be unwell as they can suffer from diarrhoea, constipation and a loss of appetite. If you think that your cat might be stressed for any reason then the Feliway range could provide a simple solution which will leave your cat feeling much happier!

How Does Feliway Work?

When cats are feeling happy and relaxed they will rub their heads against objects in the home. This action leaves behind facial pheromones which mark the area as safe and secure. The absence of these pheromones can lead to anxiety. The Feliway diffusers and sprays feature synthetic copies of the feline facial pheromones and so essentially tell cats that all is well. These can only be detected by cats and will leave them feeling more relaxed. Their troublesome behaviours should then subside.

Feliway at Time for Paws

Feliway Classic is clinically proven to help cats during stressful periods and to reduce the unwanted behaviours which they manifest as a result. We are pleased to feature Feliway products in our range at Time for Paws and we know that many cat lovers rely on Feliway when their favourite felines are having a hard time.