Autarky Dog Food

If you’re looking for a more holistic approach to your pet’s nutrition, then look no further than Autarky. Their mission is to look after your dog and keep them in the best shape possible. They do this by taking the country’s top vets and nutritionists and using ingredients that are designed to work in synergy with each other. The overall aim of their food is to provide your pooch with increased mobility, a gorgeous, glossy coat and a reduced volume of stool. Who doesn’t want that?

Autarky pride themselves in delivering 100% nutritional goodness and your doggy will fall in love with their meals, which are full of succulent meat, quality rice, fresh and colourful veggies, and a variety of tasty herbs.

About Autarky Dog Food

Autarky has achieved great strides as a holistic brand for your canine companion and over time, has grown to become one of the UK’s leading dog food brands

Autarky believe that giving your dog a naturally balanced diet holds the key to them living a long and active life and they even have a dedicated nutritional helpline with dedicated experts, which you can call for help five days a week. Talk about dedication!

For those looking for ingredients that are GM free and hypoallergenic, Autarky is a great choice as their main focus is on the real quality of their product. Everything is produced in-house, in Northamptonshire which instantly gives the feel of a brand who really cares about the product they are producing.

The end result is a range of tasty, nutrition rich foods that are free from any additives, wheat, soy or gluten. With such a wholesome approach, it’s clear to see that your pooch’s well-being is at the forefront of their minds. And their choice to add natural preservatives in each bag so that it reaches you fresh? That’s just the icing on the very nutritious cake.

The Autarky range and products

No matter what point your best friend is at in their life, Autarky has got you covered. Their range comprises of Puppy/Junior, Adult, Mature Lite and the new member of the Autarky family; the Grain Free option

For your younger pup, they understand that smaller mouths will need smaller kibble. Rest assured that the quality is never compromised and it’s clear to see with this juicy chicken recipe. Protein? Check. Essential fatty acids? Check. Digestive health catered for? Double check.

The adult line contains a few extra flavour varieties, such as Succulent Salmon and Tantalising Turkey and Potato, but you never need to worry about the focus on your doggies wellbeing being forgotten about. Their choice to add in extra health laden ingredients demonstrates this, such as marine algae and olive extract.

For those whose best friends are reaching a slightly more senior stage of their lives, there is the mature lite range. This features a salmon option, containing all the fatty acids essential for maintaining your older pals supple joints and glossy coat.

Autarky comes in 3 different sized bags - 10kg, 12kg and 15kg.

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