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United Airlines Bans Big Bunnies

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2 Responses

  1. Diane Bowman says:

    Another case of exploitation of animals , breeding huge rabbits . All about money . My thoughts are with the animal not the greedy people who bred it or invested in it .Shame on them and great the airline is now thinking of stopping this unnecessary shipping of animals around the world purely for financial reasons .

  2. Is this reportage for real? If so, I find it horrendous that your site should be featuring such an unethical enterprise such as that run by a woman who breeds giant bunnies to make a profit. Never mind the tragedy of bunnies – indeed, any animal – who dies on a plane journey, non-humans are not on this earth to be bred, used and exploited by greedy humans. Shame on Annette Edwards and exploitative ‘businessmen’ seeking to fill their bank accounts at the expense of living creatures.

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