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Tagged: rabbits

Why You Shouldn’t Feed Your Rabbit Muesli 0

Why You Shouldn’t Feed Your Rabbit Muesli

Vets are warning rabbit owners not to feed their pets muesli. The mixed rabbit food might seem like a relatively benign meal for bunnies but that is not the case. Rabbits require a surprisingly...


Couple Transform Garden into Bunny Paradise

A Warwickshire couple have spent thousands turning their Stratford-upon-Avon garden into a bunny kingdom for their 30 rabbits. Emma Hartshorne and Wayne Kenward have created an Alice in Wonderland themed play park for their...


United Airlines Bans Big Bunnies

It hasn’t been a good year for United Airlines. After a video of a doctor being forcibly removed from one of its planes went viral, the company must have thought that things couldn’t get...


Why Rabbits are Not Just for Easter

Rabbits are incredibly cute, but like the majority of pets, their care requires a great deal of work. It is easy to get carried away when you see a fluffy bunny but you should...

A Home for Rescue Rabbits

A Rescue Rabbit and a Treasured Teddy Bear The Kindness Ranch is an animal sanctuary in Wyoming which offers homes to animals which have been used in research. Two of the many animals which...