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Tagged: puppies

How often should you worm your dog? 0

How often should you worm your dog?

Your beloved canine’s health will always be a concern. Whilst the thought of worms is less than appealing, It is important to know how often you should worm your dog for your dog’s wellbeing...

First trip to the Dog Kennels 0

A First trip to the Dog Kennels

  On the 20 February this year, I experienced one of the saddest moments of my life! I was about to go on holiday and had to leave my puppies Dougal and Bodie at...


How Not to Choose a Puppy

I had always wanted a dog. Having waited more than 50 years to be in a position to own one, I was determined to choose the perfect pooch. I read every piece of advice...


A Puppy’s First Trip to The Beach

My partner and I were delighted to be able to take my friend’s gorgeous puppy to the beach last weekend. It was the adorable Darcey’s first trip to the coast and I couldn’t wait...


Just When I thought It Was Safe

I took my friend’s borderline insane puppy for a walk today. That wouldn’t usually make headline news, even in my own household, but young Darcey is no ordinary dog. This insane working cocker spaniel...