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Tagged: Ponds


Unusual Pond Fish

You can get a huge variety of different fish for garden ponds. However, most people tend to opt for Koi and Goldfish. You will notice that most garden ponds are full of them. Want...


Designing Your Pond

It’s Spring which means it’s the perfect time to get started on a new pond for your garden. Don’t put it off any longer, start designing a lovely pond to enhance your garden. There...


Different Types Of Pond

Installing a new pond in your garden can be a difficult challenge, especially if you are new to ponds. There are lots of things to consider and it’s easy to get confused. You need...


5 Places You Might Find A Pond

Ponds can be found in lots of different places because they add a sense of tranquility and beauty. They can really enhance natural settings and look spectacular in the right environment. You can find...