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Tagged: pet health


What is Poisoning our Pets?

Every year many household pets fall ill or die after ingesting poisonous agents in the home. As dogs are less discerning than other animals about what they eat, they are the most frequent victims...


Choosing a Dog to Suit Your Lifestyle

The pet lovers of the world can usually be split into two different camps: Dog people, and cat people. There are a small minority, of course, that bridge the divide and have furry companions...


Two Legged Cat?

The Amazing Able – The Cat with Only Two Legs Residents of a street in Chiang Mai, Thailand were startled when they heard a very loud bang. It sounded like a bomb had exploded...


Vaping and Pets

Is Vaping Hazardous to Pets? Most smokers wish to kick their habit. Smoking is known to be extremely hazardous to health. So hazardous that half of all smokers will die prematurely as a result...


Smoking and Pets

Second-hand Smoke is Killing Pets Not only are smokers risking their own health, they are also having a serious effect on the health of their pets. The chemicals in second-hand smoke are hazardous to...


The Pet Slimmer of the Year

The Pet Slimmer of the Year A Cavalier King Charles spaniel called Oscar has become The PDSA’s pet slimmer of the year. The dog had become morbidly obese after being fed roast dinners by...