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Tagged: Horses


How Pets Influence House Purchases

A recent survey in America has revealed that more and more people are selecting a home based on how it suits their pets. Dog owners and those who aspire to own a dog are...


The Anatomy Of A Racehorse (Infographic)

Horses are incredible and powerful animals and with the help of our latest Infographic you can brush up on your knowledge by learning a little more about them – including their strengths, basic anatomy,...


Horse Grooming Products

Horses need regular grooming and there are a wide range of grooming products you can get to help keep your horse looking at its best. Their tail and mane should be brushed regularly to...


Looking After Your Horses Hooves

Do not underestimate how important your horses feet are. They are vital to keeping your horse healthy and in good riding condition. Never neglect your horses feet, because if the horses feet are not...