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Tagged: dog walking


The Dangers of Coastal Paths for Dogs

If you enjoy a good walk in the countryside, it is hard to beat a day out exploring a picturesque coastal path. With amazing views, the sea beneath you and the ever changing terrain,...


Terrible Danger to Dogs on British Beaches

It is always wonderful to take your pooch for a stroll on the beach. But dogs have a tendency to eat anything! British beaches are being littered with toxic fatbergs which have crossed the...

Cleaning Up After Your Dog

A Poo in the Park I love to take a walk in the wildlife preserve that is close to my home. It is the one haven of peace in what is otherwise a busy...


Safety Tips For Dog Walkers

Dog walking can be great fun and an excellent way to stay fit and healthy. Many dog owners really enjoy taking their dog out on long walks and exploring different areas. However, it is...