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Tagged: dog owners


Should Britain be More Dog Friendly?

There are more than 8 million pet dogs in Britain. Each of those dogs has an average of two owners. So, that’s 16 million people whose everyday lives are shared with their canine friends....


Why you should consider adopting an older pet

There are always thousands of animals waiting for new homes. Many find new owners very quickly whilst others spend many months in shelters and are continually ignored by potential adopters. It is generally the...


A Puppy with a Severe Case of ADHD

I have always wanted a dog but over the years, my work commitments have prevented me from welcoming a dog into my household. Things are different now though and so I have been looking...


No Dogs Allowed

When you have spent a great deal of money buying your home it can be very inconvenient to discover that you are subject to what may seem like unreasonable restrictions as to what you...


How to Ensure Your Dog Enjoys a Longer Life

Your dog is more than just a pet, it is a treasured member of your family and your pooch represents a significant financial investment. It makes sense to maximise their life span so that...