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Tagged: Cats


How to tell if your cat is feeling down

Cats, like humans, have an emotional makeup which can be affected by certain changes in environment or circumstance. If a beloved family member passes away, or even just leaves home, then, in the same...


Why You Should Be More Cat

A new book by French author Stéphane Garnier suggests that the secret to happiness and success is to live more like your cat. Tell us something we don’t know! Cats do seem to have...


Why do Cats Knead?

Cats have a tendency to knead vigorously before they settle into their chosen position and even after they are already comfortable. If a cat has ever sat on you, you will be familiar with...


How Pets Influence House Purchases

A recent survey in America has revealed that more and more people are selecting a home based on how it suits their pets. Dog owners and those who aspire to own a dog are...


Cat Purrs Have Therapeutic Benefits!

There’s nothing quite as charming as that familiar vibration which emanates from your cat when you stroke it. Purring is the sound of contentment and relaxation. It tells you that your furry friend is...


How the Domestic Cat Colonised the Planet

Wherever you travel you will always find cats and usually plenty of them. The domesticated cat has proved incredibly successful at colonising the planet but where were cats first domesticated and how did they...