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Category: Cats


Unlikely Feline Survivor

Grenfell Tower resident Kerry O’Hara escaped her 6th floor flat during the infamous fire. When she realised that she would have to evacuate the building, she was in a terrible state of panic. The...


World’s Oldest Cat Dies

The cat though to be the oldest in the world has recently died at the age of 32. Nutmeg the Tabby did not feature in the Guinness Book of World Records because his precise...


An Unlikely Friendship

Sometimes pets form the most unlikely friendships. Although these do not include a budding relationship between by friend’s working cocker and a rabbit that she almost hunted down in the park this week. I...


Pets and Hurricane Irma

The Caribbean islands and Florida have recently been battered by one of the worst hurricanes the region has ever experienced. The residents of Florida had the opportunity to see the devastation in the Caribbean...