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Where Should Your Dog Sleep?

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3 Responses

  1. Pat says:

    Our two dogs have their own night time routine and they’ve worked it out all by themselves. Sasha goes upstairs and waits for me and Jilly stays downstairs. When Sasha hears the night night biscuit coming out she flies downstairs and Jilly charges upstairs. Once Jilly’s eaten her biscuit upstairs Sasha barks for her to come down again so that they swap places. (I hope you’re following this.) At some time in the night and not too long after we’re all in bed Jilly comes upstairs and goes under the bed to sleep. When we have a lie in Jilly likes to come on the bed for a sleep and a cuddle. Sasha mostly stays on her sleep mat on the floor. Jilly actually has her own bed in the bedroom but only uses it occasionally.

  2. kay Coleman says:

    I have 7 dogs , 5 whippets 2 lurchers.They all pile in my bed at night. They have their own bed in bedroom too. It started when I had a whippet with epilepsy and wanted to keep a close eye on him. My family laugh as I am never ill. No colds or upset tum ever..maybe it’s a good way of building up immunity.. ha ha

  3. Mypetzilla says:

    Our dogs always sleep in the front room but we sometimes let them in bed on weekend mornings 🙂

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