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Time for Paws Blog


Life-Saving Army Dogs to be Put Down

Two army dogs which served with distinction in Afghanistan are to be put down. The dogs saved many lives but, according to the army, homes cannot be found for them. The story has attracted...


Sleepwalking and Doggy Dreaming

The dog food firm Wagg has conducted a survey into canine sleep behaviour. 1000 British dog owners were questioned and the results have proved to be very interesting. If your pooch has exhibited some...


Cats in the News

We thought that we should bring you a round-up of the stories featuring cats which have made headlines recently – just in case you missed them! Adorable and mischievous moggies across the globe are...


Swedish Research Reveals Dogs are Good for You

Research has consistently shown that dog ownership improves human health and longevity. Now, a huge study in Sweden provides definitive proof! The project followed 3.4 million people over a period of four years. Those...


Pet Ownership in the UK is Falling

A survey conducted by Mintel has revealed that pet ownership in the UK is in decline. There are several reasons for pets falling out of favour and none of them have anything to do...